Meet the Team

Jody Paterson


 Jody Paterson

Jody founded ERP Maestro in 2013 after 10 years as a thought leader in the SAP® Security, Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) advisory space for KPMG. As Director of KPMG's SAP security analytics team, Jody worked with Fortune 100 clients to deliver access control conflict identification and remediation solutions. He created ERP Maestro to address many of the challenges his clients faced in a cost-effective manner that was easy to implement. Jody received his Bachelor of Commerce in Finance and Informatics from the University of Johannesburg. He is a Certified Information Security Specialist (CISSP) and a Certified Information Security Auditor (CISA).

James Schmidt

James Schmidt
Chief Revenue Officer

James is a SaaS veteran with over 15 years of experience driving growth at various technology companies spanning multiple industries. Previously as Chief Business Development Officer at Samba, he was responsible for 5x revenue growth prior to its acquisition.

Stephanie Brock


Stephanie Brock
Chief Financial Officer

Stephanie has held senior finance management roles for a variety of startup and technology companies. She was instrumental in the set-up of new venture Abacus Direct and managed all accounting functions with a $500mm market capitalization.

Angela Guzman

Angela Guzman
Vice President of Marketing

Angela brings over 12 years of B2B technology marketing leadership to the company with Citrix, Microsoft and GoDataFeed, an ecommerce SaaS company. Previously at Citrix, she developed education marketing programs and pioneered digital marketing efforts for its emerging online business.


Theresa Lawrence
Chief Marketing Officer

Theresa has led marketing for both startups and later-stage companies. Previously, she served as Vice President of Marketing for Modernizing Medicine and held senior marketing positions at Ultimate Software, Tyco and other industry-leading companies.



Brad Noe
Chief Technology Officer
Brad brings 30 years of technology leadership in software engineering, innovation and product development at large technology companies such as IBM, Motorola and Yahoo. Previously at Yahoo, Brad focused on system development, big data analysis and data modeling.



Michael Marks
VP, Product & Customer Success
Michael brings a decade of industry experience in security and access management, both on the IT advisory/auditing side at KPMG and Accenture and in a software product strategy/management capacity. At Core Security, he led a $15M business unit, developing long term product strategy.