An Introduction to ERP Maestro's
Cloud-based Solution

Learn how ERP Maestro makes it easier for organizations of all sizes running SAP to detect access risks, pass corporate audits, and comply with legislative requirements by automating controls for access in the cloud.

Global Security Company Reduced SoD
Auditing Time by 700+ Hours

Jeffrey Davis, Assoc. Dr. of Global IT Security at TYCO International, explains how his organization saved over $120,000 a year in manual and external audit costs. The interview takes place at the ISACA IIA GRC 2016 conference in Hollywood, FL. 

Interview with American National Insurance
and Dominion Diamond (Sneak Peek)

Carol Chapman (American National Insurance) and Kevin Lester (Dominion Diamond) sit down with Lauren Bonneau of SAPinsider at the GRC 2017 conference in Las Vegas to discuss their experiences using ERP Maestro.

How ERP Maestro Enabled a Clean and Secure SAP Rollout for FARO Technologies

Edgar Suris, Director of Business Applications at FARO Technologies, explains why he chose ERP Maestro and what results he's been getting. The interview takes place at the SAPinsider GRC 2016 conference in Las Vegas, NV.

ERP Maestro's 2014 Innovation Award


Mike Rasmussen, GRC Pundit with GRC 20/20, explains why he awarded ERP Maestro with the 2014 Innovation Award. The interview takes place at the SAPinsider GRC 2014 conference in Orlando, FL. 

SAPinsider Pt 1: The Role of Automated Access Controls in Reducing Risk

In this first of a two-part video, ERP Maestro Founder and CEO Jody Paterson joins SAPinsider Studio during the GRC 2015 conference in Las Vegas, NV to discuss how automated access controls help organizations reduce cost and complexity. 

SAPinsider Pt 2: The Risks Associated with Manual Access Controls

In this second of a two-part video, ERP Maestro Founder and CEO Jody Paterson discusses the risks associated with manual access controls during the SAPinsider GRC 2015 event in Las Vegas, NV.