Emergency Access Management

Automate and Track Emergency Access to SAP®


When IT personnel and end users need emergency temporary access to SAP, a risky, manual security protocol usually follows which can disrupt the business. Emergency Access Management allows the granting and review of elevated access simply and quickly, without exposing your company to unnecessary risks.

In addition to automating the entire process of requesting, approving, and tracking access to SAP, this feature provides rich utilization detail needed for streamlined review after access has been granted, improving the reliability of the control and allowing your organization to be better prepared for audits.

Emergency Access Features

  • Configure multiple pre-authorized superuser profiles
  • Automated approval and review workflow
  • Usage of sensitive and elevated transactions are flagged for easier post-session review
  • Elevated access automatically added and removed from user profile in SAP
Emergency Access Management in SAP

Easy Profile Management

In the Emergency Access Management dashboard, it's easy to create pre-approved profiles that can be designed to give users elevated access for commonly requested tasks quickly and simply. Access is granted at the user level and not based on generic accounts, providing an added layer of visibility and reliable reporting. 

Profiles in Emergency Access Controls

Detailed Utilization Tracking

In-depth utilization tracking highlights usage of sensitive and elevated transactions so that managers can later see risks and more easily sign off on the session after it has occurred. Once the elevated access expires, it is removed from the user profile and SAP is updated accordingly. 

Emergency Access Management report