Financial Impact Analysis

See Exactly What Records Were Modified in Your SAP® Environment

Financial Impact Analysis is an additional module within ERP Maestro that allows users to see what data has been modified by browsing change logs within a specific period of time. This data, based on actual modifications within SAP, is compiled into an easy-to-read searchable report.

This provides a level of detail for users that is unmatched when using manual processes. Instead of only seeing what a user can execute, Financial Impact Analysis lets you see what a user actually modified, including a snapshot of what occurred before and after the change.
Financial Impact Analysis

Deep Dive into Periods of Elevated Access

With Financial Impact Analysis, that uncertainty is eliminated since modifications are revealed after a simple search query is completed. You can search based on time between two specific dates, specific users, and include or exclude particular transaction codes.

change data FIA
change data FIA zoom

Know the Financial Exposure of Your Risk

Financial Impact Analysis can assign a monetary value to the modifications that were made. This is helpful for identifying if any fraudulent activities occurred and for completing access audits.