Transaction Monitoring for SAP® Security

View Real Conflict Risks – Based on Real Usage Data

Because ERP Maestro analyzes 100% of SAP user data, you have access to 100% of the possible access risks within our Access Analyzer suite of reports. All of this is based on real usage data, not a sample. Our powerful Conflict Risk Overview report extracts only those users who were identified as having segregation of duties (SoD) conflict risks based on actual usage. For each conflict risk, non-technical details behind the risk are listed along with a recommended action. Not only are you able to detect potential fraud quickly but you also have the recommendations needed to remediate immediately.

  • Compares two conflicting roles/transactions based on SoD and rulebook
  • Designed for business process owners (BPOs) in plain English
  • Classifies risks based on usage of both conflicting roles/transactions
  • Easily identify areas of underutilized or over-provisioned access

Utilization Reporting

Conflict Risk Overview Report

The Conflict Risk Overview provides a company-wide SoD risk matrix for two conflicting functions. This is broken out by risk level and overlaid with actual utilization to provide a total number of conflicts. This layer of business intelligence, unique among access control solutions, dissects the conflict and categorizes the risk appropriately: those where both functions have not been used (green/low risk), only one has been used (yellow/medium risk) and both have been used (red/high risk). 

SAP SoD Matrix

BPO Conflicts Report

The Business Process Owners (BPO) Conflict report lists all users with access conflicts and the specific risks related to these conflicts. Focused on the business user, this report omits technical transaction codes and instead translates technical terms to plain English. As a result BPOs can not only quickly see where to focus corrective action, but can also see the recommended action for each conflicting business function.

SAP SoD Matrix