Actionable Segregation of Duties Reporting That Complements SAP GRC Access Control

Organizations beginning their journey towards automating access controls and making compliance easier find a perfect fit with ERP Maestro Access Analyzer. Our mission is to make it easier for companies to identify and act on SoD conflicts in SAP GRC Access Control. 

  • Utilization overlays on every report make it easier to read and flag risks based on actual usage data.
  • Enhanced insights for segregation of dutiessensitive access and utilization intelligence cut the time to remediation.
  • Industry-leading rulebooks built by experts provide the foundation and best practices needed to build a strong GRC framework.

Spend Less Time Preparing for Audits

With Access Analyzer, your organization can benefit from audit-ready reporting out-of-the-box based on existing SAP GRC rulebooks that you can easily import. Identify pain points being created by poorly designed business roles, non-value segregation of duties (SoD) rules, or systemic security design/ruleset conflicts – quickly and easily.

SoD for SAP GRC Access Control

Expand SAP GRC Reporting Capabilities

Your organization’s investment in SAP keeps many – if not all – aspects of its day-to-day operations running. In order to achieve and maintain compliance, many clients choose to extend this investment into its native GRC solution. Access Analyzer complements SAP GRC solutions beautifully with reporting features that provide additional insights designed to help business process owners (BPOs) make better decisions. Reporting is designed not only to be more easily understood, but easily actionable, with suggested remediation actions.


Works With All SAP GRC Versions (10 & Up)

Access Analyzer can keep organizations running SAP GRC compliant whether they are using the latest version (10) or not. This removes the time pressure involved in upgrade decisions and End of Support for GRC 5.3 and previous versions. 

Get Clean Quickly Before SAP GRC Go-Live

While a full implementation can take months, audits and review cycles must continue. ERP Maestro’s online subscription service is an excellent interim solution that allows your organization to get clean before your SAP GRC solution is even implemented. Choose to keep service post-implementation for a simpler way to stay clean, or stop at any time.

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SAP GRC Add-On For Enhanced Reporting

SAP GRC Add-On For Enhanced Reporting

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Case Study 

How a Global Cosmetics Company Met Increased Audit Requirements during an SAP GRC Install

Read our case study to learn how this company used Access Analyzer while implementing an SAP to complete year-end audit tasks.

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On-Demand Webinar

Compliment Your SAP GRC Investment with Next Gen SoD Reporting

Jody Paterson and James Roeske, CEO of Customer Advisory Group, discuss innovative approaches and new tools available to leverage the capabilities of the SAP GRC Access Control solution.

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