Annual Subscription Plans

ERP Maestro Access Analyzer subscription plans are flexible to support your organization's needs and size. All plans cover anywhere from 100 to 20,000+ SAP users. When compared to on-premise solutions, our plans cost 50 to 70% less based on Gartner's Market Guide for SOD Controls Monitoring Tools and a GRC 20/20 case study


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What Customers Say About Our Access Controls Solution

Significant Reduction in SoD Conflicts

"To date, we've been able to reduce our critical Segregation of Duties (SoD) conflicts by over 80% and our high SoD conflicts by over 60%. We've also been able to formally document our mitigating controls within the tool, which is being relied upon by our external auditors."

- Jeff Davis, Sr. Manager Internal Controls & Policies
Global Security Systems Corporation

Quick, Simple Setup

"It is impossible to perform SoD audits manually with any accuracy, let alone continuously monitor for access conflicts that can lead to fraud activity. With ERP Maestro, we were able to go from 'zero to 60' in hours rather than months and with drastically lower initial capital outlay."

- Sr. Business Systems Analyst
Leading Worldwide Industrial Company