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How to Submit a Support Ticket

 Support - Request online

By email

 By phone

Available Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM EST
(except federal US holidays)

Severity 1 issues will be addressed as soon as they are reported via phone (24/7)


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Service Level Agreement: 99.5% Uptime

One of the reasons ERP Maestro selected the Microsoft’s Azure® data center platform was the benefit of Azure’s service level agreement that includes a 99.9% uptime guarantee for system access (connectivity, servers, database, etc.). In addition, ERP Maestro’s Operation Center continually monitors the status and availability of our system, to pre-empt many problems.  

ERP Maestro reserves a 5 hour weekly scheduled downtime window for maintenance. If no maintenance is required, the system will remain operational and accessible.

Our Security Measures

  • 2048 bit encrypted data transfer
  • Regularly audited by Deloitte
  • SOC-II compliance
  • Customer passwords secured at customer site.

Our Support Levels

All Support requests logged with ERP Maestro Support are assigned a severity level from one (1) to four (4) based on the impact to your business. As a client, you determine the initial severity level when placing a request for Support.

Severity levels may be changed by an ERP Maestro Support Engineer, providing the customer is in agreement. The severity levels are based on the impact to your business, and are defined as follows:

Level 1:
Critical (unable to access the system, data issues, unrecoverable system error)

Level 2: Significant (Performance issues, recoverable system error)

Level 3: Minimal (error message with work around, minor system issues)

Level 4: Nominal (system usage advice, release notes clarification)