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Solutions that Make Auditors & IT Happy

  • For Audit & Compliance

    Accelerate risk remediation with industry-leading reporting built for auditors and business executives.

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  • For IT & SAP Security

    Reduce your team’s burden and share ownership of risks with the business using time-saving automation.

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Who We Serve

A Disruptor in the Governance,
Risk and Compliance (GRC) Space

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    Industry-Leading Segregation of Duties (SoD) Analysis

    Most of the world’s largest audit firms use our drill-down risk dashboard on their SAP clients.

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    SOC II-Secure, Native SaaS Architecture

    Powerful cloud-based architecture processes massive risk analyses without touching sensitive data.

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    No Expensive Implementation, No Upgrades

    Get going in hours, not months. Software and rulebook updates are seamless, continuous and included.

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    The Best Rulebook You’ll Ever Use

    Our Big 4-vetted rulebook helps to ensure completeness and accuracy in risk reporting.

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    Rock-Star Experts Available When You Need Them

    Responsive support and best practice guidance from SAP, IT security and audit veterans.

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    Smart, Easy Access Compliance Automation

    Make staying compliant easy by automating provisioning, elevated access and review processes.

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Access Analyzer

See all segregation of duty (SoD) and sensitive access risks in minutes with powerful dashboard and in-depth reporting capabilities.

Access Reviewer

Achieve compliance seamlessly with end-to-end automation of periodic user access reviews across your organization.

Emergency Access Management

Automate approval flows and track activity when IT personnel and end users need emergency temporary access to SAP.

Automated Provisioning

Provision users and roles automatically – and simulate changes for security impact without risking errors or new conflicts.

Financial Impact Analysis

See when users modify data in SAP using conflicting, sensitive, or elevated access – and address these critical risks swiftly.

Why Our Customers Love Us

  • "It was a great solution for us and gave us that visibility within two weeks to see exactly what we couldn't see before."
    Kevin Lester
    SAP Integration Lead
    Dominion Diamond
  • "We have a very clear understanding of the segregation of duties conflicts that we have. We also have a very precise ranking of those conflicts, which allows us to mitigate those problems and have a plan that attacks the most important issues first."
    Edgar Suris
    Director of Business Applications
    FARO Technologies
  • "With ERP Maestro we are able to build all our roles conflict-free in real-time before we push them to production. It was simple to set up and since it came recommended from our consultant, it was pretty easy to make the decision to move forward."
    Sr. Director Internal Audit
    Major Tire Manufacturer
  • "The fact that ERP Maestro has multiple clients audited by the Big 4 gave us comfort that their rulebook is following best practices. After the very fast setup, we realized the full scope of the risk at hand. It then helped us quickly address the issues in a well thought out, prioritized and methodical way."
    Manager of SG&A
    Major Label Manufacturer
  • "To date, we've been able to reduce our critical Segregation of Duties (SoD) conflicts by over 80% and our high SoD conflicts by over 60%. We've also been able to formally document our mitigating controls within the tool, which is being relied upon by our external auditors."
    Jeff Davis
    Associate Director of Global IT Security & Risk Compliance
  • "The implementation was quick and painless, and there was a huge savings in the fact that we were not constantly assessing the impact of user provisioning data manually."
    Kavitha Sankar
    Director of Business Analysis and Data Administration
  • “It makes the difference between having a work-life balance and spending your life staring at spreadsheets for hours and hours.”
    Carol Chapman
    Sr. Director, SAP Quality Unit
    American National Insurance Company (ANICO)
  • "Using Access Analyzer, we were able to fix almost 97% of the segregation of duties conflicts we had in SAP since starting with ERP Maestro. We now run it monthly to ensure the environment remains clean and to catch new conflicts."
    Manu Budhati
    Manager, SAP Applications
  • "Prior to ERP Maestro, our reporting capabilities were limited for certain user segments and were only done quarterly. Now, with continuous SoD monitoring we are able to do a deeper analysis whenever we need it, in real-time."
    SAP Support Specialist
    Global Distributor of Safety Equipment
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News and Upcoming Events

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