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Access Controls | October 9th, 2015

3 Reasons to Get a P.A.S.S. (Pre-Audit Security Scan)

When preparing for an upcoming external audit – especially one focused on your company’s SAP and access controls – how sure are you about the data and risks in the system? Even with hundreds of hours of work put in, there is likely a lot of uncertainty around your company’s preparedness and ability to pass the audit. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a crystal ball to see what your external auditors will see?

That crystal ball is here – it’s called the Pre-Audit Security Scan, or PASS!

The only surefire way to get complete visibility and intelligence about your access controls is with a P.A.S.S. In a brief 30-minute session, you can get a snapshot of the potential risks in your SAP access controls and segregation of duties (SoDs). Armed with this information, you’ll know exactly what auditors will find before they find it and can make an effort to resolve any conflicts or compliance issues more proactively.

Here are 3 reasons why getting a P.A.S.S. is so worth it:

1. It Takes No Time

Up to hundreds of hours alone are spent on analyzing internal controls to catch any potential conflicts and instances of fraud. With a P.A.S.S. all you need to do is give us an export of your data (in a secure environment, of course) and we will run it through our analysis engine. Then, during a brief 30 minute session our team will review the results and reports with you. No need to involve multiple teams, no need to set up any hardware or software.

2. Easy To Consume Data…That’s ACTIONABLE

A P.A.S.S. offers a complete analysis of an organization’s SAP access controls, including a full user analysis, role analysis, and detailed conflict reports that expose all risks – down to the specific users executing on those risks. You’ll come away with a clear idea of steps that need to be taken to resolve any conflicts in preparation for the audit.

3. You’ll Need It This Year More Than Ever

Audits are going to be noticeably tougher this year. We’ve previously posted on how updates to the COSO 2013 framework are making external audit firms scrutinize the completeness and accuracy of internal controls including access controls and SoDs. For public companies, the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) is adding to the pressure and challenging manual field tools used to manage SoDs.

4. BONUS: No. Commitment. Needed.

No organization should leave their upcoming external audit up to chance. Even if you’re confident your organization will pass, getting a Pre/Post-Audit SoD Scan is an easy, free, and no-risk way to see exactly what your auditors will be examining during the access portion of the audit. Request a no-obligation 30-minute P.A.S.S. session by visiting go.erpmaestro.com/PASS.

Not ready for a P.A.S.S. yet? 

No problem. You can watch our on-demand webinar where we explain exactly what a P.A.S.S. is, what you’ll need to get one, and why your company can benefit from one now, regardless of where you are in the audit process.

To learn more about P.A.S.S. including how it’s helped our clients, read the full press release here.

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