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We believe that keeping businesses secure on the inside is a great and worthy mission. With the most innovative solution of its kind on the market and a company full of brilliant security, auditing and technology experts, there’s no stopping us.

"It was a great solution for us and gave us that visibility within two weeks to see exactly what we couldn't see before."

Kevin Lester
SAP Integration Lead
Dominion Diamond

Keeping Companies Secure on the Inside

Long gone are the days that external hackers and security breaches were the dominant cybersecurity threats. With complex business systems running the world, an explosion of data and millions and millions of system users, internal risks are now of equal – if not more – concern. Some research states that of all cyber threats today, 60-75 percent are inside attacks.

Most protective measures don’t go deep enough to manage segregation of duties (SoD) and see where the real risks lie. But ERP Maestro does, and we do it with a native-cloud platform that automates the entire process to protect assets, cut risk, save time, and reduce audit cost and compliance pain.

Our mission is to equip every organization, regardless of size, with the visibility and insight necessary to spot and stop risks before they become a crisis of fraud or breach of sensitive data. We help global businesses around the world to keep their companies secure on the inside.

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Meet the Team

  • Kenneth S. Gabriel

    Ken, a CPA with a career spanning 42 years at KPMG, joined ERP Maestro as CEO after first serving on the company’s board of directors. Ken has an extensive background as a KPMG partner and the Global Leader for ERP Advisory. While at KPMG he also directed global growth strategies for KPMG’s Consulting Services; led-large scale business transformations; and consulted across a broad spectrum of industries on software selections, ERP implementations, IT strategy and mergers and acquisitions. As an audit partner at KPMG, he assisted with multiple IPOs, capital raising private placements, reorganizations and restructurings. Holding a bachelor’s degree from Lewis University, Ken also has served as the Finance and Audit Committee Chair on the University’s Board of Trustee.
  • Joe Gruttadauria

    With more than 20 years of experience, Joe has a history of successfully leading teams and strategic sales initiatives for multiple top technology companies, including SAP, Oracle, Peoplefluent, Softscape and Qstream. Joe holds an MBA in Finance from the Rochester Institute of Technology and has also served as an adjunct professor for the graduate school of business at Philadelphia University.
  • Jody Paterson

    Founder, Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors
    Jody founded ERP Maestro in 2013 after 10 years as a thought leader in the SAP® Security, Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) advisory space for KPMG. As Director of KPMG's SAP security analytics team, Jody worked with Fortune 100 clients to deliver access control conflict identification and remediation solutions. He created ERP Maestro to address many of the challenges his clients faced in a cost-effective manner that was easy to implement. Jody received his Bachelor of Commerce in Finance and Informatics from the University of Johannesburg. He is a Certified Information Security Specialist (CISSP) and a Certified Information Security Auditor (CISA).
  • Jeremy Holovacs

    Chief Technology Officer
    Jeremy Holovacs is ERP Maestro’s Chief Technology Officer and leads a team in new product ideation and development. With nearly 20 years of software development experience, Jeremy has held senior software architect, engineer and technical roles in leading industries, including Xerox.
  • Theresa Lawrence

    Chief Marketing Officer
    With over 20 years of experience, Theresa has led marketing teams and strategies for both startups and later-stage companies. Prior to joining ERP Maestro, she was the co-founder and Chief Marketing & Customer Officer of Fridayd. Previously, she served as Vice President of Marketing for Modernizing Medicine, a healthcare technology company, and held senior marketing positions at Ultimate Software, Tyco and other industry-leading companies.
  • Stephanie Brock

    Chief Finance Officer
    For over 20 years Stephanie has held senior finance management roles for a variety of startup and technology companies. While serving as Assistant Controller at Abacus Direct, she was instrumental in the set-up of this new venture and managed all accounting functions with a $500mm market capitalization. Stephanie holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Business/Management from Oakland University.

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