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How to make risk and compliance data make sense across all teams

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Compliance and Control Require Collaboration

Access control is not just about having processes or solutions in place to monitor and manage access, and IT, security audit and compliance teams can’t work in a silo when it comes to internal security for SAP. It takes all stakeholders, including business managers across the company, to control and remediate risks.

Data drives access control and compliance. Unfortunately, such information isn’t easily understood by everyone. Business users need simplified reporting and ease of understanding with tools that deliver;

  • Readability
  • Ease of navigation
  • Risk-level rating by role, user and business process
  • A simplified risk and remediation process

SAP Access Risk Triage and Compliance Management for the Everyday Business Owner

Spotting and remediating access risks can be complicated, but left undone and a company is left wide open to costly internal attacks of fraud, data breaches and employee mishaps.

Analyzing risks in a way that they can be quickly triaged and remedied is complex and especially off-putting when Segregation of Duties (SoD) and access risk data isn’t easily decipherable by the very team members who often approve access to begin with — the everyday  business owners.

A quick download of our eBook, written in collaboration with Focal Point, will help guide all players across the organization on key metrics to measure and how to do so in a way that builds buy-in and teamwork.

A Failure to Remediate is a Failure to Control


Criticality of risks needs to be understood at a glance by role, user and business process. IT, security, audit, compliance and managers alike need a fail-proof way to prioritize risks and know what actions to take to fix them promptly, because a failure to remediate is a failure to control.

As compliance and risk management continue to be a growing need for all companies — public or private, large or small — the ability for all parties to understand risks and work side by side is critical to success and security.

Get Your Teams Across the Company on the Same Page

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