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Release Notes | April 4th, 2017

April 2017 Release Notes

The latest release of Access Analyzer brings great new features, most notably Financial Impact Analysis, notable enhancements to EAM and Secure Provisioning plus reporting capabilities. Here are the most significant additions:


Financial Impact Analysis

Financial Impact Analysis allows you to investigate any transaction that you want by showing insights on all document changes with before & after values. This is a brand new functionality. You can filter on specific users and transactions for a given day, week, or month. This will ensure that 100% of your transaction activity gets captured and you can analyze any transaction activity at any point of time.

Financial Impact Analysis

Financial Impact Analysis

An automated scheduler is also provided to extract this data and aggregate it in ERP Maestro. ERP Maestro will become your system of records for all historical evidence going back to 2 years. One of the most common customer questions is “What if someone kickstarted a transaction but did not execute anything?” Analysis report can now ignore utilizations for transactions kickstarted by end user mistake and focus on utilizations that involved a modification.


EAM Utilization Report

EAM review log has been enhanced to a greater extent. The log now contains two new sheets detailing all the changes made during the emergency access assignment period. Auditors now have flexibility to zero in on any usage and look closely at the modifications carried out by a user.

Emergency Access Management

Emergency Access Management


Secure Provisioning Enhancements

You can now specify a start and end date as part of the secure provisioning request. This allows you to have a greater control on validity for users. This also ensures peace of mind when it comes to access assignments to temporary staff, like consultants and contractors.


Enhanced email notifications

Now, the requester is notified even when a request is rejected or completed.

Email notifications


EAM Access Filtered

EAM request entry screen will not include profiles that the user is not allowed to view or request. This facilitates easier selection for end user.

EAM access


Scheduler for Periodic Analysis

Now you can schedule a custom analysis on a recurring basis. This ensures that the user and role analysis is ready for you when you want to generate reports on the fly.

Scheduler for Periodic Analysis


Scheduler for One-Click Report Jobs

Scheduler is also provided for one-click reports. This ensures that you can schedule recurring reports and will be informed on a periodic basis as these reports execute and become ready for you to assess.

One-click report jobs


One-Click Report Enhancements

The following four key enhancements have been added for one-click reporting:

Security Roles Report is now available under one-click reporting.

Security roles report

Ability to use existing utilizations. You can now choose whether you want detailed transaction execution on the report using change documents or a transaction only report using STAD data.

Use existing utilizations

Ability to use utilizations that are associated with a modification (Financial Impact Anaysis feature).

Use utilizations with a mod

Ability to set a recurring schedule. As shown below, you can now schedule recurring reports.

Set a recurring schedule


Miscellaneous Enhancements

Pivot table added to What If Analysis Report.

What If Analysis


Download Extracts Page now also allows you to download analyses and reports and it is filtered by the selected SAP system.

Download analyses and reports


Rule code column added to BPCS Report’s summary sheet and various changes to improve the usability.

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