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Release Notes | April 30th, 2019

April 2019 Release Notes

As always, we’re committed to improving the functionality and features of our products with an aim to solve real-life business problems for you. This month’s new releases are focused on overall enhancements and updates to Emergency Access Management, rulebooks and reporting:

Emergency Access Management (EAM)

You can now submit an EAM request on behalf of someone else.

For instance: You have a user that needs an EAM profile, but they are going to be working off-hours. Of course, the people that have to approve the EAM request are working today, and won’t be approving anything at 2:00 AM when the user needs the EAM profile.

Now, you can submit an EAM request on behalf of someone else. Get the approvals done ahead of time so your user can simply start using the EAM access at the pre-determined time.

In addition, you also now have the ability to set a maximum request time within an EAM profile. This means that any request being made cannot exceed the maximum request time set in the profile.


You can download a report to see who changed your rulebooks, what they changed, and when they changed it. This is the Rulebook Change Log.

Now when your auditors ask, “Who changed the rulebook? How do you know your rulebooks are up to date?” – this new report will let you select any of your rulebooks and download a change log report that shows who changed what and when.


We recently released a new report – Dormant Users Report – that shows who in your SAP environment has not logged in or had much activity lately. Some customers had an excellent idea that they would like to determine the time frame themselves to see who truly is dormant. With this new enhancement, you can now select the dates you want to see in the Dormant User Report .

We’ve also made other minor enhancements, improvements and fixed various bugs.

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