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Access Controls | August 30th, 2016

Audits Are Coming – Is Your SAP Access Environment in Check?

It’s time (or almost time) for your yearly audit, where your organization’s access controls will be under the microscope so to speak. Don’t panic, but audits are simply getting tougher. This is due in part to COSO 2013 changes affecting internal controls. With that in mind you should ask yourself, “Is my SAP environment ready?” If you’re still using manual processes to manage areas of SAP, chances are your environment is not ready and could have underlying SoD risks.

Have no fear though. In the first part of our two-part webinar series on preparing for 2016 audits, we discussed how you can identify conflicts and risks in your environment before an audit with a P.A.S.S., or Pre-Audit SoD Scan. Actionable information that is provided with a P.A.S.S. includes a full view of SoD conflicts, specific users and roles that have too much access, which users executed on that access, and recommendations on how to resolve these conflicts. It’s a full analysis of your SAP environment that takes 30 minutes or less to configure and comes with detailed, audit-ready reports that are yours to keep. It’s a simple and secure way to really see if you’re prepared for your upcoming SAP audit.

Watch the first part of the webinar series on P.A.S.S. here and be sure to join us for part 2 where we’ll discuss 2016 audit standards in more detail. Registration for the part 2 webinar will be available soon.

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