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Access Controls | March 18th, 2020

It’s Remote GRC…And Always Will Be

It can seem scary right now with the added concern for our family, friends and employees along with the move to more remote work to help everyone stay well and safe. That is the most important thing for everyone right now: wellness and safety. We are glad we could offer our own employees a remote option without disruption to our business until the COVID-19 health concern passes.

In the meantime, how can we help? Businesses need to keep running. Thankfully, for so many companies that have invested in digital transformation, which also includes moving many systems to the cloud, they can run uninterrupted with easier access to their business tools and solutions that support anytime, anywhere use.

Sadly, in times like these, there can also be a rise in insider attacks and hacker activity. A good example is the recent scam involving the download of a COVID-19 outbreak map that was actually malware to infect PCs and steal passwords. This makes access controls and governance, risk and compliance tools that can be managed remotely even more important.

Additionally, some companies have financial considerations, and on-premise solutions can not only be expensive to use and implement but also can bring added issues when on-site implementations and face-to-face contact are required. Using more cost-effective cloud-based access control and security tools can offset financial and implementation concerns.

There is never a time to let down your guard when it comes to GRC and access controls, and this time, in particular, is a time to be especially vigilant. Remote oversight for employees and safeguarding the tools they use in this troubled environment has to be a top priority. Our customers rest easy in the knowledge that their access controls keep working and keep their companies secure no matter where their workforce is located. We feel good about being able to offer that added layer of security.

Other companies are currently considering GRC solutions that may have long implementations or price tags that may make them hold off on putting a solution in place – when this is the time that they may need one more than ever before.

It heartens us to know that we can provide protection and relief to these companies nearly instantly with a simple download – generally in under 60 minutes – with no on-site assistance needed. Wherever companies are running SAP, we can be there virtually to protect them and keep their companies running securely at a rate that can make all the difference when weighing costs and rewards. ERP Maestro’s Access Analyzer was built as a cloud solution. It’s remote GRC and always will be.

We are always here to answer access control and GRC questions and help in any way we can. Don’t hesitate to reach out if we can assist and provide reassurance at this time.

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