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Release Notes | December 10th, 2018

December 2018 Release Notes

As always, we’re committed to improving the functionality and features of our products with an aim to solve real-life business problems for you. This month’s new releases are focused on overall enhancements and updates to Access Analyzer.

Access Analyzer Updates:

User Risks History graph can now show monthly, weekly, or daily data points.

On the dashboard, a user can now select to view the data points on the User Risk History graph by month, week, or day. This is based on the frequency of the correlating risk snapshot. Daily risk snapshots have all view options available. Weekly snapshots can only be viewed weekly or monthly, and monthly snapshots can only be viewed monthly.

More reliable performance with Risk Snapshots

Previously, generating risk snapshots could slow down the application, creating overall performance issues such as long load times or freezing pages in online reporting. This has been addressed and users should notice a more stable, faster Access Analyzer.

Overall Enhancements and Bug Fixes:

SAP S4/HANA Rulebook

In this ERP Maestro release, we include support for all new S/4 HANA tcodes. Stay tuned for more exciting S/4 HANA updates in January 2019!

Cleaner WhatIf user interface

Previously, single-user and multiple-user WhatIf was two different types. Now, there’s only the user type and any number of users can be entered.

Error creating mitigating control using an existing name

Previously, there was a bug were a user would see an error when attempting to create a mitigating control using a name that already exists. This has been fixed so that there is now a validation message letting the user know the name already exists and a new one must be given.

Error message when deleting child accounts

An error message when attempting to delete child accounts would appear. This bug has been fixed and the error message no longer appears.

Error in empty Emergency Access Management (EAM) utilization reports

An error appeared in empty EAM utilization reports when opened in Microsoft Excel. This bug has been fixed and the empty reports no longer show an error when opened in Excel.


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