Monitoring/Measuring ERP Maestro’s Environmental Performance

ERP Maestro has established an accurate baseline for usage in a 12-month period in order to address seasonal trending. The baseline period is defined as January 2017 to December 2017. Results against goals are as follows:

Energy Consumption

  • Electric – 23,236 Kilowatts consumed. Result: 9% increase by y/e 2017 – this was due to increase of headcount of 5 people.
    • Calculate scope – 1 greenhouse gas emission
  • Electric – Calculate CO2 generated from electricity usage. Result: 17.3 Metric tons of CO2 was generated in 2017.
    • Calculate scope – 2 greenhouse gas emissions
  • Electric – See Electric above for kilowatts consumed (21,223) multiplied by our emissions factor 425 = 2% reduction as of December 2017 (as compared to 2016) – We used 23,236 kilowatts in 2017 which was 2,013 kilowatts increase in emissions.

Waste by Recycling Management

  • Recycling Volume – Reduce waste by recycling all materials eligible to do so. Reduction of Waste by 50% by end of 2017. Results: Reduced waste 100% by recycling all eligible material. Was able to get landlord to start recycling program within whole building.


ERP Maestro has set one goal in each category. The goal measuring period is 12 months. Goals are determined in conjunction with ERP Maestro senior management, and follow the format below:

Energy Consumption

  • Reduce consumption of electricity 2% by y/e 2019

Scope 2 Greenhouse Gas Emissions

  • Reduce scope 2 GHG emissions 2% by y/e 2019.

Waste Management and Recycling

  • Decrease amount of waste going to landfill by 75% by y/e 2018.