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Release Notes | April 12th, 2017

Financial Impact Analysis, Online Drill-Down Dashboard Enable Quicker Detection and Understanding of Access Risks

The latest release of Access Analyzer offers organizations an unprecedented amount of visibility into the causes of SAP access risk and security weaknesses with a new add-on module, online dashboard, more reporting features, and updates to preventative controls:

1. Financial Impact Analysis

With this new add-on module for Access Analyzer, users can quickly see and search modifications made to data in SAP. This helps tremendously with indicating potential fraud or other access-related risks. It’s a laser-focused way of looking at specific actions that pose the highest risk for an organization and accelerates time for remediation.

Users can search the SAP change log by transaction code, user, business function, or rule within a selected time/date range (as far back as 18 months).

Users can also see a monetary value assigned to the modifications made, which is often requested by auditors.

2. Online Dashboard

Users can now easily view beautiful, high-level dashboard reporting that provides a snapshot of current risks, along with the added ability to drill all the way down to specific changes that triggered the risk and who executed those changes.

3. Enhanced Reporting Features

Users can now see the actual change data behind the utilization within several Access Analyzer reports. This helps with simplifying and even reducing of a remediation program.

Users can also schedule recurring Analysis jobs and recurring One-Click reports.

4. Updates to Preventative Controls

Users can now look further into periods of elevated access by searching for modifications based on dates, user, and specific transaction codes. This search functionality can also be set up to recur.

Roles can now be tagged allowing for additional information to be added, making it easy for non-SAP users to find and select roles for provisioning. This will allow for task-based role grouping in the provisioning process.

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