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Access Controls | October 18th, 2019

Why to “Future Proof” Your Access Controls Now

Investing your technology spend into future-proofing access controls makes not only fiscal sense but rational sense when it comes to business longevity.

You’ve probably heard the phrase (or buzzword) “digital transformation” a lot in 2019. It seems to have reached peak popularity in business circles even though it’s not a new trend. In fact, it’s been occurring in many industries and organizations for some time now.

Simply put, digital transformation is a continuous optimization journey to maximize an organization’s digital technologies and streamline business processes – ultimately helping the company to be more agile, innovative, competitive and successful. The best tangible results of digital transformation include cutting costs, getting more done with less and using solutions that add more value over time.

Unfortunately, some companies don’t get those results after their digital transformation efforts. They unknowingly invest in technologies that cost more over time and continually get more complex. This is often the case when it comes to managing access controls through large on-premise ERP systems or identity access management solutions. Access control tools that are part of those larger systems and solutions are often subject to costly upgrades or migrations year after year. That is why organizations must future-proof their access controls by investing in a solution that can adjust quickly to the organization’s needs and minimize the displacement of systems in short periods of time.

Future-proofing access controls could entail investing in cloud-technology or sharing the company’s needs with their technology vendors. No matter the strategy, organizations must think beyond short-term gains and see the long-term savings in whichever technology they choose.

This also holds true during times of economic downturn. With substantial fears of an impending global recession on the horizon, companies should actually gear up to spend more on technology. Walter Frick of Harvard Business Review reported that findings of a 2018 paper said that companies in cities hit hardest by the last economic recession invested more in information technology due to a loose labor market of highly-skilled workers. Frick also reports that opportunity costs for investing in technology is lower than it would be during a good economy since output doesn’t need to be maximized. Other reasons Frick cited for investing in tech before or during a downturn is that it can help cut costs and make companies more agile to handle uncertainty and rapid change recessions can bring.

The time to future-proof, then, is now. If you want to learn more about future-proofing access controls and how to avoid needless upgrades, read our eBook “How to Future-Proof Your Access Controls.”

How to future proof your access controls


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