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Internal Audits | May 22nd, 2019

How to Honor and Support Your Internal Auditors

Did you know that May is Internal Audit Awareness Month?

This focus on internal auditors was created by The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) to “spread the word about the value internal auditing brings to organizations and the business community.” Internal audit has remained a mysterious and esoteric profession for a long time but communicating its importance and appreciating the value internal auditors bring is something every company should do. That is because internal auditors play a vital role in keeping the company safe from fraud, monitoring risks and improving operations. They are often a company’s unsung heroes.

What can you do to celebrate and support the internal audit professionals that do all the above and more? Here are a few ways:

Understand What Internal Auditors Do

Heads down with attention to detail, internal auditors may be overlooked in any organization. Unlike employees in revenue-generating arms of the business, internal auditors are not generally in the limelight and may not receive accolades for what they do. Yet, in fact, internal auditors are super heroes. They safeguard and protect a business through systematic assessment of internal controls and effectiveness of governance processes. Not only do they play a large role in improving operations, they help take a bite out of fraud—one of the largest internal risks companies face today.

Help Spread the Word

Share that May is the month of awareness for internal auditors and the work that they do. Have a company newsletter? Ask if the internal audit function can be a feature story. Post an announcement in the company chat platform thanking the internal audit team. See if the company’s social media team can make a celebratory post for internal audit awareness. When professionals from other functions can advocate for internal audit, it gives internal audit the recognition and credence it deserves.

Show and Tell Your Appreciation

Since internal auditors typically won’t be the first ones to steal the spotlight, it’s important to let them know that you do appreciate the work they do. This could be a friendly chat in person or in an email or message. Helping them coordinate a small party or awareness campaign for internal audit in the office can show your appreciation as well. Happy hours never get old. Organize one just for your internal audit team.

Share Resources and Tools with Them

As most will learn from the awareness campaign, the job of an internal auditor is far from easy. They have many roles to play and are ultimately responsible for stopping bad things from happening to the company and its assets. That can sometimes involve complex processes and long hours in the office. If you happen to come across tools and resources that look like it can simplify their work, offer a different perspective, or cut down on man-hours, share it with them.

And in case you are wondering, here are some free resources on us for your internal audit team:

Internal auditors work ‘round the clock every day of the year to ensure the company is operating effectively and in compliance with regulations and security protocols. During periodic access reviews or annual Sarbanes-Oxley compliance audits, for instance, they may be especially overwhelmed with work demands and overtime. Be sure to take some time out during the month of May to recognize and support them for all the work they do!

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