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Access Controls | June 20th, 2016

How a Global Beauty Company Avoided a Potentially Ugly Audit Situation

A year-end external audit means the pressure is on for audit professionals to gather data in a limited time frame. Without an efficient way to capture and present this data, not only will the audit become longer and costlier, but external auditors may conclude that the data is not complete or accurate enough.

That is what our customers at a global cosmetic manufacturer and retailer faced when going through an external audit. They simply did not have an effective tool for gathering and presenting their utilization data. During that time, an SAP GRC solution was being implemented, but it was not going to be set up quickly enough to help deliver the data and reporting needed for the audit. With the help of Access Analyzer, our SaaS-based access controls automation solution, our customers were able to quickly provide accurate utilization data that demonstrated completeness and accuracy to their external auditors.

Organizations that struggle to meet audit requirements are faced with the possibility of longer, more expensive audits, as well as penalties for their current processes. With Access Analyzer, the global cosmetic company successfully completed their year-end audit and continues to use the solution for reporting and analyzing segregation of duties and sensitive access.

To learn exactly how Access Analyzer helped them, check out the case study here.

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