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Segregation of Duties (SoD) | July 13th, 2017

How Amyris Shortened SAP Access Audits by 3 Weeks

So we’ve just passed the mid-year hump of 2017 and before you know it, it’ll be time to prepare for the next SAP access audit (just when you thought you recovered from the last one). If this is a process you normally dread, and you’re not using any type of automation to make it easier, you may want to listen to how one of our customers managed to save 3 weeks during her last audit.

Kavitha Sankar, Director of Business Analysis and Data Administration at Amyris, a California-based renewable products company, used ERP Maestro to streamline and improve annual audit processes that previously took three full weeks to manage. Before ERP Maestro, Kavitha was documenting mitigating controls and doing user provisioning manually. Documenting alone took up an entire month and approvers were uncertain of the risks before approving users. In addition, auditors routinely found hundreds of SoD conflicts each year due to the fact that, understandably, a small group of people in the company handled sensitive financial transactions.

To hear the full story and see exactly how we helped Kavitha resolve these challenges, check out the full webinar here.

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