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Uncategorized | February 18th, 2021

Inside ERP Maestro: A Conversation with Ryan Throop

Working with partners is one of our great joys here at ERP Maestro. Our partners are an extension of ERP Maestro’s vision to help companies using SAP detect and prevent Segregation of Duties (SoD) vulnerabilities, insider breaches and fraud with automated access controls and continuous visibility into risks. Our partner ecosystem helps us form a holistic approach to internal cybersecurity, allowing us to work together to help our customers overcome complex security challenges.

If you have ever perused our partner page or perhaps joined us for one of our great partner webinars, you’ve most likely come across Ryan Throop. Ryan is ERP Maestro’s senior director of partner & customer success. Ryan is an industry veteran with over 10 years of experience in the field and a former IBM Security consultant, who spends his days focusing on building and cultivating partner and customer relationships to ensure users are getting the most out of their ERP Maestro solutions.

In this post we talked to Ryan about the insights he has gained working with partners and customers in the industry and during his time with ERP Maestro so far:

What have customers said are the most important factors to consider when choosing the right access control solution?

A lot of our customers come to ERP Maestro because they have received recent audit findings, such as audit deficiencies or material weaknesses. From the customer’s standpoint, they have an urgency to get a solution in place to rectify these findings. The ability to have a solution and process in place that can be quickly deployed to correct those findings in a timely fashion is of their utmost importance.

The next important factor is accuracy. Customers will always ask “Is there completeness of accuracy in the report? Is this something that I can rely on for my objectives but also our auditors?” This is quite an odd “requirement” because it should be assumed that the accuracy is a given for these types of tools, but what customers have seen is that with some tools, that is not a safe assumption. When customers come to us, they get that extra peace of mind because with our solutions there is completeness and accuracy, and the data is something that they can truly rely on.

Beyond that, many customers are seeking digital transformation and want solutions that provide the bigger benefits of cloud technology, better and less error-prone data, agility and integration.

What are some trends or new practices you have seen in the industry?

I apologize for the Lord of the Rings reference, but one thing I have been seeing over the past couple of years is this idea of “One Tool to Rule Them All.” What I mean by that is a reporting solution that can be used across the organization. It used to be that every department, every stakeholder, had their own security solution. What we have seen is this consolidation of tools so that everyone is able to use the same solution. The only way for that to work is for the tool to be able to meet the needs and requirements of these different stakeholders. That is one thing that I love about ERP Maestro, our solution can be used by IT INFOSEC and very technical analysts, but it is equally useful for those on the business side, who are looking for summary-level data. The solution can be used as a single source of truth for reporting across the board.

What do you like about working with partners?

Prior to my time with ERP Maestro, I was in SAP security and GRC consulting, so a lot of the partners I work with have a similar background. I love hearing from our partners to learn exactly what they are seeing on the client’s side, about new trends in the industry and what new pain points customers are experiencing. This allows us the opportunity to work together in forming a solution. Something that I get excited about in my job is the ability to work with our partners to piece together a holistic approach that includes both product and services to meet and, in most cases, exceed our clients’ expectations.

What is your favorite memory working at ERP Maestro?

A couple of years ago, at one of the SAP Sapphire conferences, we held an event for both our partners and customers. We hosted them at a Top Golf location, and it was an enjoyable and engaging night. It brought together ERP Maestro employees, our partners from across the globe who traveled from the UK and Central and South America, and our customers from across the US. It was great to have everyone together, sharing an experience; everyone loves Top Golf. It was a great opportunity to, in many situations, meet in person for the first time. These are people with who we have had numerous calls, meetings and email correspondence, but having the opportunity to meet them in person, changed the relationship.

What do you like to do when you are not working?

I do a fair amount of cycling. Now that it is winter, I’ve got my bike set up on a trainer in the basement and I try to get as many hours and miles as I can on it. In warmer weather, I am slowly working on backpacking across the Appalachian Trail. That’s a 2,200-mile stretch of trails from Georgia up to Maine. A couple of times a year I will get out and slowly work my way through the 2,200 miles. And lastly, I have a standing poker game, which in light of COVID-19 has moved to a virtual game, but every two weeks my buddies and I get together for a friendly poker tournament.

If you would like to learn more about the ERP Maestro’s Momentum Partner Program, please visit our partner page here. If you would like to get to know more ERP Maestro experts, our interview with Jay Dhruv, director of solution delivery, is out now. Click here to get to know Jay.

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