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Release Notes | January 15th, 2020

January 2020 Release Notes

Happy New Year! Hopefully everyone had a fun-filled holiday season with family and friends. Since our last release, the development team has been extremely busy working on some fantastic enhancements and fixes. You’ll see below updates that address the rulebook change log, the Automated Provisioning module, and more! The January release is expected to occur on January 16, 2020.

As always, thank you for all of the feedback and product suggestions. As you and your colleagues think of new ideas, please send them directly to me or post on our Feature Requests page.

Below are the features in the release.

Rule Import and Change Logs

Simplified Rulebook Import

With this release, if a rulebook is not in an import file, it will not be deleted from a customer’s account. To delete a rulebook, you have to use the application. This was changed to enable rulebook imports to only focus on the rulebook or rulebooks that are being changed. It also helps to avoid an accidental deletion of a rulebook.

Performance Improvements to Rulebook Change Logs

We enhanced the performance and capacity capabilities of generating rulebook change logs. You will now be able to generate change log files for a much greater timespan given the number of rulebooks and the changes that have been made of that time period. We would recommend generating change log files on a monthly basis to keep the downloadable files manageable.

Bug Fix

Business function permission changes were still recorded in change logs even when rulebooks are imported without any business function permission changes.


Automated Provisioning

New Feature: Partial Role Provisioning

Many customers have asked for the capability to provision any approved roles for a request even if one or more roles have been rejected. There is a new checkbox on the Automated Provisioning Request screen that will enable this capability for a request.

partial role provisioning


New Feature: Comment Field

To help improve the timeliness of processing a provisioning request and maintaining complete audit record, we added an optional comment field to provisioning requests. Customers may choose to leverage this field to input a ticket number from their ticketing system for end-to-end traceability of provisioning requests.

New Feature: Search for Role by T-code

In addition to just searching for roles by role names, users can now search for roles that contain T-codes. Once the list of roles is displayed, the user can select that ones to be provisioned in the request.

Search for role by t-code

User Selection

We have added the user’s full name and department to the list of users to select from. The class column has been changed to User Group.

Automated Provisioning Dashboard

The request dashboard has been enhanced to include the user’s full name as value for the “Requested For” column.

Updated Email Notifications

In addition to sending an email to the requestor to notify a successfully completed request, an email will also be sent to the end user whose access was modified.

Updated Provisioning Logs

The provisioning logs have been updated to include the user’s full name details.


Access Reviewer

Access Review Action Log Report Change

The Access Review Action Log report has been updated to include a new column called “DelegatorFullName” before the “OldReviewer” column. This column will be populated with the full name of the user that delegated the review item.


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