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Release Notes | June 13th, 2018

June 2018 Release Notes: Access Reviewer, Blacklists and More

New Product: Access Reviewer

This brand new module allows you to manage SAP user access reviews seamlessly by automating the entire process. To learn more, visit the Access Reviewer page.


New Feature: Blacklists

Blacklists allows you to exclude specific roles or users that you do not want included in your ERP Maestro analyses or reports. You can maintain this list under Configuration -> SAP System Blacklists. Extract completeness reports will include the details of the items in the Blacklist that were not included in the extract.

Additional Enhancements

  • Updated branding to reflect our company’s new logo and colors
  • Minor agent enhancements, including ability to enter to login, no longer need to “ok” after saving sap system or connector, and ability to save EAM Log Collection Delay (hours)
  • You may now schedule risk snapshots to occur daily
  • Auto Refresh SAP Roles is renamed to Auto Refresh SAP Information
  • WhatIf Analysis comments allow for special characters
  • Business Function Permissions automatically show more details
  • Our latest SOC 2 report can be hound under Help -> Audit Reports
  • Our Terms and Conditions can be found under Help -> Terms and Conditions
  • Secure Provisioning enhancements, including the ability to restart a job to update mitigating controls, receive WhatIf summary in your rule approval emails, and a new description column to role changes grid
  • EAM enhancements, including preventing users from saving a new profile when one exists with the same name and adding the request ID to EAM emails.
  • SAP changes / online reporting – export to csv now is comma delimited instead of ‘|’ delimited
  • ‘BusinessFunctionPermission.TransactionCode` length has increased from 32 to 40 characters
  • Minor UI enhancements

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