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Cloud | April 30th, 2020

Look for the Good…There is Always Good

Just like most of our customers and millions of companies around the world, our ERP Maestro team members have adopted working from home in the past six weeks. There are many adjustments to remote work, but even more so when you are enduring intensified isolation. Still, after settling into a virtual work experience, we’ve been able to reflect more on the good that is happening in the midst of what has become an unmatched time in history.

Exceptional challenges call for extraordinary strength and that force of mankind is evident everywhere today. From the people who fight through the throes of the virus to those on the front lines of care and providing essential goods and services, heroes of every kind are emerging in every country. Little things that were once taken for granted—meeting a friend for coffee, taking children to the playground, standing in a queue without safe-distance markings, getting a haircut and hosting family gatherings—have new meaning and value. And so do the other simple pleasures our attention has turned to in our sequestered way of working and living.

Fortunately, for ERP Maestro, our employees have transitioned to home offices without any interruption due to the cloud product we built and can support from anywhere. Like most companies, we utilize technology platforms to communicate and collaborate from wherever we are. In fact, we are about to unveil a new and even more streamlined product interface for which development has continued without disruption. Hint, hint, we think our customers will be pleased with the “good” results!

But back to those simple joys. We asked our employees to share some of the good they have recognized and valued in their stay-at-home experience. Here are a few.

Tea Party Anyone?

Working at home with small children and no daycare available is double duty for any parent, but small delights make for memorable moments and a break in the day otherwise not possible. When your pre-school daughter sets the table for afternoon tea time, you pull up a chair.

Dockside Office

Working dockside has its advantages, such as sun and an ocean view over lunch and going straight from the laptop at closing time to the deck for never-ending boat projects. We recommend sunscreen in this office environment!

Bring Fido…Or in this Case, Freddy

Pets are known to reduce stress and lift your mood. Combine a pet at your side (or in your lap) with the benefits of fresh air, and you get a double dose of immune-boosting medicine while you work. Whistling is optional, and encouraged—except on Zoom calls, of course!

Growing Stronger

With the call to pay closer attention to our health and a need to do something physical while being shut-in, one employee has found increased flexibility for scheduling weight training at home over lunch. “I can go from work to workout and back again in minutes,” she said. “I’m already thinking about how to do this routine when I am back in our office building.”

Look for the good…There is always good.

Please join us in sharing the good you’ve discovered in your new way of working and living!

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