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Release Notes | June 4th, 2019

May 2019 Release Notes

As always, we’re committed to improving the functionality and features of our products with an aim to solve real-life business problems for you. This release includes two new reports that many of you have been asking for, as well as overall performance and stability enhancements for all of our modules and our agent.

Manage User Report

Many of you have been asking for an easier way to obtain information about who has access to your instance of ERP Maestro. With the new Manage User Report, you can now export all of the ERP Maestro users’ details into a CSV file. Simply go to the User Management section on the left navigation, and click on the blue “Export” button at the top of the screen. A CSV file will automatically download that contains user information, ERP Maestro roles assigned, creation date, and more. (See below)

Manage User Report


Emergency Access Management Profile Report

Another report that many of you have asked for is the ability to see who has access to specific EAM profiles. With the new Emergency Access Management Profile Report, you can now get all of the EAM Profile details, including the profile name, the SAP roles that make up that profile, and each user’s assigned profile role (owner, approver, requester, reviewer). Simply go to the Preventative Controls section on the left navigation and click on EAM Profiles. Then click on the blue Export button at the top of the screen and the report will automatically download. (See below)


Agent Updates

Filters: Our new agent now has the ability to filter out data from the SAP extracts. For example, you can now filter out users that belong to a certain user group from ever being uploaded to the cloud application. If you would like to take advantage of this feature, please contact support@erpmaestro.com to learn more.

Automatically refreshes SAP role data after a security extract: Our new agent will now automatically refresh the SAP role data in our cloud application after every security extract. This helps save you time by ensuring you no longer have to do this manually.

We’ve also made other performance enhancements, improvements and various bug fixes for Access Analyzer, Access Reviewer, Secure Provisioning, and Emergency Access Management.

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