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Release Notes | October 28th, 2020

October 2020 Release Notes

Access Reviewer

Added Delegator Details to Report

Added the name of the Delegator (DelegatorFullName) to the Access Review Action Log.

Bugs Fixed:

  • In the Email Preview Template, corrected the Due Date.
  • On the Reviewer Status frame, corrected the “Last Action Date” to update only after the Reviewer makes a decision.
  • For Access Reviews with a future start date, the initial email notification is not sent until that day
  • Removed restrictions for role description field length.

Emergency Access Management

New EAM Log Upload Role

To support the new EAM Log Upload feature (September release), make sure all necessary users have the ‘EAM Administrator Log Upload’ role assigned.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Miscellaneous items related to the EAM Log Upload feature.


Enhanced New User Provisioning Workflow

If a user already exists in SAP, the New User Provisioning workflow will fail, which avoids sending inaccurate new user email notifications and end user confusion.


If you would like to enable any of the agent updates below, please reach out to Support.

SAProuter Support

Customers now have the option to configure SAProuter for connecting SAP environments to ERP Maestro.

Updated Time Zone configuration

To provide clarity to the associated time zone descriptions, the respective UTC format has been appended to the dropdown field.




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