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Release Notes | October 11th, 2016

October-November 2016 Release Notes

Ability to automate extracts on a regular periodic frequency

This will ensure that right data is always available in the system for further analysis.

Automate Extracts


SAML-based SSO Integration

Using this functionality, you can now integrate an AD server with ERP Maestro. SSO Integration ensures an added layer of security so when a user leaves the organization, he will automatically be disabled in ERP Maestro.

SSO will follow your organization’s password policies. This functionality will provide the added benefit of reducing the amount of passwords you will have to memorize.

SAML based SSO Integration


Ability to create new SAP users

A completely new functionality. You can now create user accounts in SAP for new employees with SAP details like user type, user groups and validity dates.

Create new SAP Users


Ability to clone another user’s roles

This is one of the most popular methods for creating new user accounts due to the convenience. This new feature allows you to pull up roles of an existing user and then submit the role assignment request.

Clone roles


Ability to assign multiple role approvers and owners

You can now assign multiple approvers for SAP roles. This ensures that if one of the approvers is on leave, the second approver can approve the request in their stead. Only one approver needs submit approval for the request to go through to the next level of the workflow. All approvers have equal authority.

Multiple role approvers


New digitally-signed extract completeness report

This report ensures that the data extracted from SAP is complete and has been transferred to our system completely. This feature was requested by multiple customers. A lot of times, external auditors will request a completeness report for a given solution. This report is now available within the solution.

Completeness Report


Decommissioning our Support user

We will no longer have access to your accounts for support. For troubleshooting any issue in your account, you will need to provide us a short/long term account access.


Agent auto upgrade capability

This feature will ensure that future upgrades to the ERP Maestro agent will happen automatically. This will further reduce the administration that a customer has with IT support. We will still inform all stakeholders before making an update.


Activity history page filtered by selected SAP System

There is a SAP system filter located at the top right of the page. Once you select a system, it will only show you relevant activity history for that given system.

Activity History


Mandatory fields will have red asterisks for easy identification

To make the system more intuitive to use, any forms with mandatory fields will have an asterisk next to it.

Asterisk for required fields


Automatically schedule an Import SAP Roles Job following a security extract

You will no longer need to schedule “SAP role” sync separately. It is now part of the security extract process. This feature can be opted in at the SAP system level.

Import SAP Roles


What If Analysis is simplified to a single step

There are no more extra step to generate a report for a What If Analysis. As part of further simplification, What If Analysis report generation is now one click.

Generate What If Analysis


Ability to do a What If Analysis on a non existing user

You can now perform a What If simulation on a new user with new role combinations without creating that user in SAP beforehand.

What If Analysis on Non user


Import SAP Roles

This feature will not only add and update the roles defined in your SAP System but will truly sync them by deleting removed roles as well. It ensures that you do not see any old redundant roles in the system. The system will remain in sync at all times.

Sync Roles in SAP system


Request Dashboard will have “My requests” view

With the “My requests” view under request management, users will only see their requests.

This feature will ensure that users don’t get confused by seeing all requests in the organization.

Request Dashboard


Ability to support multiple individual SAP Instances instead of TOTAL while acquiring utilization extracts

This will help reduce the amount of time it takes to send the EAM log. Currently logs are sent 24 hours after EAM requests are completed. In the near future, it will be possible to acquire these EAM reports within a couple hours of EAM access completion.

Multiple SAP instances


Other miscellenous items:

  • Agent custom path location save issue fixed
  • Activity history ID Filter has been fixed
  • Security Roles Report use full names and remove duplicates


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