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Press Releases | 26, October 2015

ERP Maestro Announces New Mobile-Friendly and Enhanced Security Features in Access Analyzer

Organizations running SAP can ease SOD compliance management with new tools to determine access to critical and sensitive information.


ERP Maestro today announced new enhancements in security, mobility and user experience to its cloud-based Access Analyzer platform. With the new release, audit, SAP and security teams can now automate the management of access controls, including Segregation of Duties (SoD), on the go via their mobile devices. Further, application security enhancements ensure that data such as sensitive transactions, access and certifications remain protected.

The new version of Access Analyzer provides a whole new user experience with a completely new look and feel that makes it easier to perform critical tasks such as scheduling analyses of SAP and rulebook management. The comprehensive release covers four major areas:

  • Improved Security. Integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), a leading standard for cloud based directory and identity management.
  • User Interface/Experience. Cleaner design, easier navigation/access, and HTML5 compatibility with any browser.
  • Mobility. Responsive interface works well on smartphones and tablets to enable scheduling of analyses and approval of Emergency Access and Compliant Provisioning requests on the go.
  • Rulebook Management. Custom rulebooks may now be imported from other systems including SAP® GRC Access Controls, and companies may get more detailed with business function parameters.

“This release signifies a big step in our evolution and growth as a significant player in the ERP security space, and directly reflects the feedback we’ve received from our amazing customers,” said Jody Paterson, co-founder and CEO of ERP Maestro. “As the need and urgency for access monitoring increases, so does the need to support our users’ mobile workstyles securely and the new Access Analyzer is at the forefront of this movement.”

About ERP Maestro

ERP Maestro is the only cloud-based solution that automates access controls in SAP®. With no upfront cost and a 30-minute setup, ERP Maestro automatically monitors segregation of duty (SoD) compliance, sensitive access, emergency access and secure provisioning – allowing organizations to prevent fraud, pass corporate access audits and comply with regulatory and legislative requirements. Risk management is real-time and continuous, and audit-ready reporting is available out of the box. ERP Maestro has been recognized by Gartner as a representative vendor for SoD Monitoring Tools and honored by analyst firm GRC 20/20 with both the 2014 GRC Innovation and Value Awards. To learn more visit

To learn more about the new version of Access Analyzer, read the full press release here.