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Press Releases | 06, October 2013

ERP Maestro Welcomes New Global Client

Weston, FL (PR Newswire) October 6, 2013 – ERP Maestro® Inc. today announced the launch of the only Cloud-based Segregation of Duty and Sensitive Access Analytics solution available to ERP users today, as well as their newest global client. According to its Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Jody Paterson, ERP Maestro’s mission is to make the identification, remediation and on-going maintenance of Segregation of Duty (SoD) risk and the resolution of Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) internal access control violations simple and cost effective.

As the only Cloud-based Access Control Analytics solution available today that is engineered with a rapid implementation toolset and actionable remediation reporting capabilities, ERP Maestro clients are provided with an accelerated means to identify access control risk issues. This is accomplished via an extremely cost effective, high value Software as a Service subscription that eliminates the need for capital intensive acquisitions of on premise software, hardware, annual software maintenance costs and lengthy consulting projects. Jody Paterson, in his former capacity as a Director of the KPMG SAP® Security Analytics team, served as a thought leader, subject matter expert, conference presenter, and managed innumerable project teams and implementations of on premise ERP access control solutions. According to Jody, “While on premise GRC software solutions are highly effective in addressing the risk posed by SoD, they are exorbitantly expensive and take months to implement. Many companies have limited budgets and do not want the capital expense of procuring and maintaining an on premise solution. In the past, complexity and cost were significant impediments for many companies in achieving SoD compliance. With the advent of ERP Maestro®, access risk compliance is no longer a daunting task or expense.”

ERP Maestro also announced the addition of a global corporation specializing in security and asset protection as an ERP Maestro client. This client, with over 69,000 employees worldwide, spent many months evaluating various on premise SoD software alternatives for SAP® R3 that in the end, produced an unmanageable number of false positive SoD conflicts that could not be efficiently remediated. According to their Senior Manager of Internal Controls & Policies, “We were able to implement ERP Maestro within days. ERP Maestro’s unique cloud based analytical engine and reporting capabilities provided the capability for us to quickly and accurately identify our true SoD conflicts. In a surprisingly short period of time, we were able to accurately assess our SoD risk, while saving the company significant costs for capital intensive software and on-going software maintenance.” Their Senior Director of Applications went on to say, “I found the ERP Maestro team to be extremely knowledgeable and was impressed with their level of professionalism and execution in quickly configuring the application to produce the SoD reports. While I was initially skeptical that ERP Maestro could simplify our SoD conflict analysis, I quickly came to the realization that not only could they simplify it, but they could bring a level of accuracy to the process I never expected.” Contact ERP Maestro’s Media representative for additional information regarding this client announcement.

About ERP Maestro: ERP Maestro provides a complete end-to-end Access Control Analytics solution that is made available to our clients via a monthly subscription service. MaestroCare® Support, software updates and new feature releases are included as part of this service, and Microsoft Azure ® global data centers provide our clients with secure 24/7 anywhere access. As a low cost, high value all-inclusive subscription service, ERP Maestro’s Cloud based Access Analytics solution accelerates the identification of SoD conflict to expedite the remediation effort, while eliminating the need for significant capital expenditures. ERP Maestro is headquartered in Weston, Florida, with offices in midtown Manhattan and Naples, Florida. Further information about ERP Maestro can be found at www.erpmaestro.com.