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Release Notes | September 26th, 2018

September 2018 Release Notes

We continue to improve the functionality and features of our products with an aim to solve real-life business problems for you.

This month’s new releases are focused on enhancements and updates to make our reports simpler, easier to understand and with relevant information for both IT admins and the business process owners.

User information in reports (Optional):
You now have the option to include user information in your reports by configuring this functionality in the ERP Maestro agent. Please contact support@erpmaetsro.com to set it up.

Modules shown alongside roles in Access Analyzer user management:
The recent enhancement allows you to filter and choose the modules you are subscribed to for appropriate role security assignment.

Automated provisioning emails show the role action requested:
The real-time email notification that approvers receive now includes information on the specific role change that has been requested for by the user.

Access Reviewer decision listed first:
The Access Review action log now presents the reviewer decision first so administrators can immediately see what action needs to be taken.

Cancel failed Automated Provisioning Requests

This functionality ensures a cleaner queue for auditors.






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