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Release Notes | September 12th, 2019

September 2019 Release Notes

At ERP Maestro we pride ourselves in our stance to always innovate and advance the solution to meet your needs. To uphold this commitment, we are happy to announce that the September release will include a number of enhancements and fixes to the solution. Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback and product suggestions. Please continue to send those to us – we love to hear all the different ways we can make ERP Maestro better!

The release will occur the week of September 9, which begins a new approach to limiting releases to the second week of each month. This decision was made after receiving feedback from many of you to standardize our release schedule.

Below are the features in the upcoming release.

Access Analyzer

Dashboard Enhancement

Many of you have requested the ability to dynamically update the ‘User Risks History’ based on Monthly, Weekly, or Daily frequency. If you go to the dashboard, you will now see the graph update the trend lines based on the selection at the top of the dashboard.

ERP Maestro dashboard





Rulebook Change Log Enhancement

With this release, we have enhanced the Rulebook Change Log to include all elements of the rulebook. If you go to the rulebooks screen, you will see the ‘Download Logs’ button. When you download the logs, you will now see change values for:

  • Rulebooks
  • Rules
  • Business Functions
  • Permissions
  • Business Processes
  • Business Areas
  • Mitigating Controls
  • Approvers/Owners
  • Parameters

Bugs Fixed

  • Disabled rulebooks are no longer available in Automated Provisioning and WhatIF simulations
  • Improved rulebook import performance
  • Improvements to WhatIF:
    • WhatIF reports now include expired roles
    • Resolved issues with simulating role additions to users that already have access
  • Various ‘Load SAPINFO’ performance and other issues have been resolved


Emergency Access Management

Additional Workflow Error Messages

User-friendly error messages have been added to the EAM Request Dashboard. Instead of a generic “Error – Contact ERP Maestro” message in the state field, the following error messages will be present:

  • “The requested roles are already assigned to the user.”
  • “There was no utilization data for the requested period of time.”

These messages will inform you of the reason for the aborted request.

Bugs Fixed

  • Resolved issues with the approval links in the Emergency Access Management email notifications
  • The Emergency Access Profile Administration role is no longer required in order for an Emergency Access Reviewer to see all of the details of the approval stage


Access Reviewer

Bugs Fixed

  • The default column settings for ‘Fields for reviewers to see’ are correctly maintained for the Access Reviewer

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