Multi-Application Access Controls

Get an enterprise-wide view of risks in SAP and across your cloud applications

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ERP Maestro’s Access Analyzer for SuccessFactors

Get multi-application access controls and internal risk protection for SuccessFactors and SAP. Your systems are connected – your internal controls and security should be too for one enterprise-wide view of risks.

Who has access to what in all of your businesses systems? Who has too much access and poses a risk to your business? You should know at a glance.

Your business has multiple systems, and you need a way to view and manage access and Segregation of Duties (SoD) risks across all of your applications in a single dashboard for total and integrated protection.

Using ERP Maestro’s Access Analyzer for SuccessFactors and SAP gives you the same great access controls for your HCM system and your ERP – in one solution. Simply download and connect in minutes.

  • Industry-Leading Segregation of Duties

    ERP Maestro’s Access Analyzer for SuccessFactors reveals SoD risks and violations to not only keep your company compliant, but also safe from internal security vulnerabilities.

  • Multi-Application View of Risks

    No more disparate systems to manage internal risks in your systems. See all of your risks across the enterprise in a single-solution unified view. Get total visibility into access threats.

  • Deep SoD Analysis Across the Enterprise

    You’ll have one system of record for all of your SoD threats, making it easy to pull reports and meet audit requirements, but you’ll have multiple options on how to view risks – by role, user and application.

  • SuccessFactors Rule Book

    Like our Big-4-vetted rule book for SAP, you’ll have a completely customizable rule book developed just for SuccessFactors by industry experts to keep your HCM environment safe and free of risks.

  • A Single Intuitive Dashboard

    An intuitive, user-friendly dashboard like no other. With a glance, you can see all risks by type and degree across your systems. A simple click enables you to instantly drill down for detailed reporting.

  • Multi-System Remediation Advisor

    Go beyond mere visibility into risks. ERP Maestro's Access Analyzer for SuccessFactors gives you remediation advice on how to remove risks from your environment and stay clean.

Stop fraud. Prevent risks. Protect your assets.

Learn why now more than ever SuccessFactors and other cloud applications should have the same access controls and protection as your ERP

When it comes to SAP, many modules reside outside of the core ERP as cloud applications. SuccessFactors, is one such module, and one that:

  • houses sensitive, personal employee information – including social security numbers, contact information, benefits and pension plan data;
  • processes payroll, making it vulnerable to payroll fraud; and
  • stores succession plans and performance information.

Keep your central employee system of record and transactions safe with one enterprise-wide view of risks.

Beyond GRC

SOX compliance, passing audits and disclosing risks are all important – if you are a public company.

But every company – public and private – needs to think beyond governance, risk and compliance (GRC) for all of their systems when it comes to access controls, because compliance isn’t security.

Request information on how to extend internal controls to SAP SuccessFactors – or to discuss other cloud applications within and without the SAP ecosystem.

Multiple business systems.
One access control solution.
Total visibility and protection.

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