Automated SAP User Provisioning

Prevent New Access Risks by Making Role Changes and Assignments Risk-Proof in SAP®

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Fully Automated Provisioning Workflow

Automated workflows streamline the request, approval, and assignment of roles with automated notifications.

  • Escalate Potentially Risky Roles

    Requests are scanned for SoD risks, then escalated to risk approvers with details for final approval or action.

  • Continuous Risk Management

    Address role conflicts as they are identified through approval with mitigation, denial or remediation.

What-If Analysis

Simulate the risk impact of a new role being added to a user before the change is made live.

  • Additional Line of Defense

    Run What-If outside of provisioning request workflows to proactively check for risks new role changes will introduce.

  • Utilization-based SoD Risk Detection

    Intelligence based on usage allows risk owners to understand the precise details behind role conflicts.

Webinar: 5 SAP Security Fails That Can Affect Your Next Audit

Good security starts with strong controls for access – but it’s not that simple. Maintaining these controls becomes even more of a challenge with constant changes to the system and new GDPR compliance requirements to keep up with. Listen to this on-demand webinar to learn tips and tricks that will help you get ahead of those challenges and make your auditors happy in the process.

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  • “It makes the difference between having a work-life balance and spending your life staring at spreadsheets for hours and hours.”
    Carol Chapman
    Sr. Director, SAP Quality Unit
    American National Insurance Company (ANICO)
  • "Using Access Analyzer, we were able to fix almost 97% of the segregation of duties conflicts we had in SAP since starting with ERP Maestro. We now run it monthly to ensure the environment remains clean and to catch new conflicts."
    Manu Budhati
    Manager, SAP Applications
  • "With ERP Maestro, we are able to build all our roles conflict-free in real-time before we push them to production. It was simple to set up and since it came recommended from our consultant, it was pretty easy to make the decision to move forward."
    Sr. Director Internal Audit
    Major Tire Manufacturer
  • "We have a very clear understanding of the segregation of duties conflicts that we have. We also have a very precise ranking of those conflicts, which allows us to mitigate those problems and have a plan that attacks the most important issues first."
    Edgar Suris
    Director of Business Applications
    FARO Technologies
  • “ERP Maestro helped us get away from doing manual SoD reporting for testing in SAP, which was slower and less accurate, and saved our team a significant amount of time. The reasonable payment terms also made making the decision to purchase much easier.”
    IT Compliance Coordinator
    Leading Industrial Manufacturer
  • "The fact that ERP Maestro has multiple clients audited by the Big 4 gave us comfort that their rulebook is following best practices. After the very fast setup, we realized the full scope of the risk at hand. It then helped us quickly address the issues in a well thought out, prioritized and methodical way."
    Manager of SG&A
    Major Label Manufacturer
  • “It is impossible to perform SoD audits manually with any accuracy, let alone continuously monitor for access conflicts that can lead to fraud activity. With ERP Maestro, we were able to go from 'zero to 60' in hours rather than months and with drastically lower initial capital outlay.”
    Sr. Business Systems Analyst
    Leading Worldwide Industrial Company
  • “It’s been very useful because it produced very targeted and accurate data we needed to provide our external auditors with documentation showing our mitigating controls. It also helped us to show that completeness and accuracy during our audit.”
    Senior Director, Internal Audit
    Leading Cosmetics and Beauty Products Company
  • "It was a great solution for us and gave us that visibility within two weeks to see exactly what we couldn't see before."
    Kevin Lester
    SAP Integration Lead
    Dominion Diamond