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Events | March 17th, 2015

[Video] SAPinsider Interviews ERP Maestro Founder & CEO at GRC & Financials 2015

During the GRC and Financials 2015 conference in Las Vegas, NV, ERP Maestro founder and CEO Jody Paterson made a visit to the SAPinsider Studio. While there, Jody discussed how automated access controls help organizations reduce cost and complexity, as well as the risks of doing manual access controls.

Other topics discussed during the two-part interview include:

  • How a SaaS-based GRC tool helps to lower cost and complexity in moving to automated access controls
  • Taking control of segregation of duties (SoD) conflicts, emergency access and provisioning management and access to sensitive data with a tool that facilitates a move to SAP GRC
  • Benefits of automated access controls, such as significant time savings and improved compliance
  • How manual controls introduce multiple points of failure and an increase in exposure to fraud
  • Increased scrutiny on GRC tools and whether they’re ensuring completeness and accuracy as mandated by certain compliance measures
  • Risks of non-compliance that are driving access control automation

Watch both parts of the interview below:

SAPinsider Interview Pt 1: The Role of Automated Access Controls in Reducing Risk

SAPinsider Interview Pt 2: The Risks Associated with Manual Access Controls

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