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Release Notes | October 10th, 2016

What’s New in Access Analyzer: Enhanced Compliant Provisioning and What-If, AD Single Sign-On and More

The latest release of Access Analyzer brings great new features, most notably to enhance Secure Compliant Provisioning and What-If Analysis capabilities, but we’ve also thrown in some handy usability improvements too. Here are the 6 most significant additions.

1. Compliant Provisioning: SAP User Creation and Role Management

Users now have the ability to create new users accounts in SAP within Access Analyzer. This is a completely new functionality. You can include SAP details like user type, user groups, and validity dates.

Along with creating new SAP users, you now have the ability to clone another user’s roles. Pull up roles of an existing user and then submit the role assignment request.

To make assigning roles easier, you can now assign multiple role approvers and owners for SAP roles. This ensures that if one of the approvers is on leave, the second approver can approve the request in their stead. Only one approver needs to submit approval for the request to go through to the next level of the workflow and all approvers have equal authority.

Finally, in the Secure Compliant Provisioning Requests Dashboard, users can now choose to only see their requests by clicking the“My Requests” view. This ensures that users don’t get confused by seeing all requests in the organization.

2. Single Sign-On for Active Directory

Organizations can now integrate an Active Directory server with ERP Maestro. This SSO (single sign on) integration ensures an added layer of security. For instance, when a user leaves the organization, he will automatically be disabled in Access Analyzer. SSO will follow your organization’s password policies and provide the added benefit of reducing the amount of passwords you will have to memorize.

3. Digitally Signed Completeness Reports

Requested by multiple customers, users can now generate a digitally signed completeness report. It ensures that the data extracted from SAP is complete and has been transfered to our system completely, which is something auditors often request for a given solution.

4. What-If Analysis Simplified

No more extra steps to generate the What If analysis report. The What If analysis is now simplified to a single step with just one click.

Performing a What If simulation but don’t have that user in SAP? No problem. Now users can perform a What If simulation on a new user with new role combinations without creating that user in SAP beforehand.

5. Agent Auto Upgrade

As a cloud-based solution, updates to users are seamless. Now with agent auto upgrade capability, future upgrades to the ERP Maestro agent will happen automatically. This reduces the adminstration that a customer faces with IT support and makes application maintenance free from an IT standpoint after the initial installation. However, we will still inform all stakeholders before making an update.

6. Other Usability Enhancements

To make Access Analyzer more intuitive to use, any fields that are mandatory in a form will have a red asterisk next to them for easy identification.

You can now filter your activity history page by SAP system with a filter located at the top right of the page. Once you select a system, it will only show you relevant activity history for that given system.

We have a lot more in the works for Access Analyzer in the coming year. Let us know what you think of this update and stay tuned for news around the next product update in early 2017.

To see the latest version of Access Analyzer in action, request a live demo.

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